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Artist Approach

I work primarily with fluid paint on paper. I never know exactly how the medium is going to react with each other.

It’s as if every time is the first time. I am attracted to the uncertainty and fragility of it. I enjoy the nervous tremble before the white surface.

The unpredictable, fragile, fast changing, moving yet permanent nature of working with fluid medium and paper engages me to make aesthetical and painterly decisions in rapid seconds and carryout strokes without hesitation. This forces me to attain absolute concentration and be in sync with all the physical and sensory occurrences and responses that arise in internal and external realms.

In order to reach and sustain such concentrated state of mind and action, I have to go through a process that I’ve found to be close to meditation: physical and mental elimination and simplification, and arriving at a center, a home.


My experience have taught me that my painting process is mediation and prayer made while going through myriads of visual problem solving and decision-making. I want my work to manifest this meditative process and condition; open to the possibilities of things yet to come and be seen, listening, waiting through the openings, closings, fallings, settlings, scatterings and centerings, with attention to detail and the whole, so that the content of the painting is the process and condition.


Here in silence 

May judgment disappear 

Here in the void 

May fear and doubt not reappear 

Here in the dark 

May it shine the light 

Upon the hour, the present, the presence, 


The passings and arrivals

The openings and closings

The fallings and risings

The scatterings and centerings

Flowing and settling

Through your hands and pockets 

Until you land 

The seed of hope.

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