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Story Behind the On Going Hope Series

When I was little, the world was like pink roses; beautiful, lovely and kind.

Life, nature and myself were filled with magic, wonder, love and hope. Time passed and the world no longer seemed beautiful and kind, but treacherous, stark, mean and difficult. I found myself scared and anxious, and the light of joy, love and hope within me was no longer burning bright and strong.


At first, I grieved for the loss. But soon realized that the changed condition was part of a greater human experience and that the wretchedness, ugliness and darkness was necessary in signifying the worth and value of light and hope, and that they are something to be battled with and fought for. Hope is not a wishful thinking but a state of understanding and accepting whatever circumstance given is given and is what it is, and of consciously making the choice every day not to fall from grace.


I find the mechanism of hope is mirrored in my painting process. They both move and develop through the process of searching- for openings and directions- and the blank, unmapped territory, while at the mercy of natural forces and elements. They both require periods of waiting and allowing natural movements and occurrences to happen.


The Hope_metallic, black series are inspired by Charles H. Spurgeon's quote about Hope.


“Hope itself is like a star- not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.” 

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